The work in our group has been supported generously through the following grants to Luay Nakhleh:

  • National Science Foundation: "AF: Medium: Algorithms for Scalable Phylogenetic Network Inference."
  • National Science Foundation: "RTG: Cross-Training in Statistics and Computer Science at Rice University."
  • National Science Foundation: "AF: Medium: Statistical Inference of Complex Evolutionary Histories."
  • National Science Foundation: "ABI Innovations: Algorithms and Models for Distributed Computation of Bayesian Phylogenetics."
  • National Science Foundation: "AF: Medium: Algorithmic Foundations for Phylogenetic Networks."
  • The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.
  • National Science Foundation: "ABI Innovation: Novel methodologies for genome-scale evolutionary analysis of multi-locus data."
  • The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
  • The Gulf Coast Center for Computational Cancer Research (GC4R): "Network-guided integration of omics data for predicting therapeutic combinations."
  • National Science Foundation: "CAREER: Computational tools for evolutionary analysis of biological networks."
  • National Science Foundation: "SGER: NET HMMs and their applications to biological network alignment."
  • NIH National Library of Medicine: "Evolutionary analysis of bacterial genomes -- High-throughput computational tools."
  • NIH National Cancer Institute: "Determinants of signaling network regulation in combinatorial targeted therapies." (PI: Prahlad T. Ram, MD Anderson Cancer Center)
  • The Gulf Coast Center for Computational Cancer Research (GC4R): "Using signaling networks and proteomic data for computational prediction of therapeutic targets."
  • The George R. Brown School of Engineering, Rice University: The Roy E. Campbell Faculty Development Award.
  • Department of Energy: "Tools for accurate and efficient analysis of complex evolutionary mechanisms in microbial genomes."
  • National Science Foundation: "Efficient techniques for reconstructing horizontal gene transfer in bacteria."
  • The Department of Computer Science, Rice University: Start-up package.