The Evolution of Biological Networks

  • Funding:
    • National Science Foundation grant IIS-0845336, titled "CAREER: Computational Tools for Evolutionary Analysis of Biological Interaction Networks."
    • National Science Foundation grant CCF-0829276, titled "SGER: NET HMMs and Their Applications to Biological Network Alignment."


  • Description:
    • Rapid advances in biotechnologies are amassing biological interaction data, such as protein-protein and gene-gene interaction networks, at unprecedented pace and rate, presenting a new powerful resource and allowing the reformulation of old, yet important, biological questions in a new context. The size and complexity of these new types of data pose great challenges for experimental and computational biologists alike. Addressing these challenges has been a primary focus of much research under the umbrella term of systems biology. However, almost no work has been done on providing tools for simultaneous evolutionary analysis of genomic and interactomic data. This project will delineate the significant impact such a simultaneous analysis can have on understanding and analyzing biological interaction networks, and will explore new methodologies for conducting computational analyses.


  • People:
  1. Luay Nakhleh (PI)
  2. Troy Ruths (PhD student)
  3. Yun (Angela) Zhu (PhD student)
  4. Wanding Zhou (former PhD student)


  • Publications:
    • Group publications related to this project: click here.