Name Role Personal homepage  joined Master's PhD first Position Project
Luay Nakhleh Principal Investigator Homepage 2004        
Huw Ogilvie Post-doc   2018       Phylogenomics
Xian Fan Post-doc   2018       Cancer genomics
Hamim Zafar PhD student   2013 2016 2018   Cancer genomics
Peng Du PhD student Homepage 2014       Phylogenomics
Ryan "Leo" Elworth PhD student   2014       Phylogenomics
Jiafan Zhu PhD student   2016       Phylogenomics
Yaxuan Wang PhD student   2016       Phylogenomics
Mohammad Edrisi PhD student   2017       Cancer genomics
Hunter Tidwell Master's student   2017       Phylogenomics
R. Matt Barnett Research application developer Homepage 2011   until 2013   Microbial genomics
Natalie Berestovsky PhD student Homepage 2008 2011 2013   Network modeling
Jeff Kilpatrick MS student   2007 2009   Microsoft Population genetics
Yun Yu Post-doc Homepage 2014   2014 (Rice) Facebook Phylogenomics
Jianrong Dong Post-doc Homepage 2012   2012 (Iowa State) Post-doc at Baylor College of Medicine Phylogenomics
Kevin Liu Post-doc Homepage 2011   2011 (UT Austin) Assistant Professor (Michigan State University) Mouse genomics
Hyun Jung Park PhD student   2007   2012 Post-doc (BCM) Phylogenomics
Nikola Ristic Master's student Homepage 2011 2014     Phylogenomics
Derek Ruths PhD student Homepage 2005 2005 2009 Assistant Professor (McGill University) Network modeling
Troy Ruths PhD student Homepage 2008 2010 2014 Started up his own company in data analytics Network evolution
Cuong Than PhD student   2006 2008 2009 Post-doc (Stanford) Phylogenomics
Yun Yu PhD student Homepage 2009 2011 2014 Post-doc (Rice) Phylogenomics
Wanding Zhou PhD student Homepage 2009   2013 Post-doc (MD Anderson) Network evolution
Yun (Angela) Zhu PhD student Homepage 2010   2014 AirBnB Network evolution
Dan Ye Master's student   2014 2016   Google Phylogenomics
Dingqiao Wen PhD student   2013 2015 2017 Facebook Phylogenomics
Xian Fan PhD student   2012 2016 2018 Post-doc (Rice) Cancer genomics
Lee Chen  Master's student   2016 2018     Gene networks
Kyle Adams Undergraduate            
Chabrielle Allen Undergraduate            
Ian Arnold Undergraduate            
Daniela Arenas Undergraduate            
Jeff Arenson Undergraduate            
Travis Benedict Undergraduate            
Melanie Beyt Undergraduate            
Jingxuan Dai Undergraduate            
Yi Dai Undergraduate            
Peter Dulworth Undergraduate            
Mustafa El-Gamal Undergraduate            
Riya Fukui Undergraduate            
Nicholas Hanson-Holtry Undergraduate            
Skyler Johnson Undergraduate            
Austin Liu Undergraduate            
Xinhao Liu Undergraduate            
Alen Lukic Undergraduate            
Richard Manning Undergraduate            
Travis Martin Undergraduate            
Noushin Quazi Undergraduate            
Kunal Shah Undergraduate            
Radhika Sharma Undergraduate            
Aubrey Sirtautas Undergraduate            
Richard Song Undergraduate            
Ethan Steinberg Undergraduate            
Zhiyuan Tang Undergraduate            
Kathy Truong Undergraduate            
Anthony Tzen Undergraduate            
Lindsey Wohlfort Undergraduate            
Minghao Yan Undergraduate            
Alexander Yozzo Undergraduate            
Mayline Zhong Undergraduate